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LIGHTING - architectural : interior / exterior lamps
- contemporary style : wall, floor, table, hanging lamps
- modern classic : wall, floor, table, hanging lamps
- chandelier : pendent lamps 
- porcelain series of lamps
- hospital lamp
- fibre optics
- interactive system

FLOORING & Wall Cladding 
- Natural material - Handmade - Recycle
: reconstitute stone, marble, porcelain, limestone, recycle tiles, mosaic, recycle  
  glass tiles, plywood
: Area Rugs & Custom sizes wall to wall carpet 
: Wall Fabric - recyclable
: Wallpaper with fabric silk

FURNITURE - contemporary style : table, chair, armchair, sofa, bar stool,bed, headboard
- modern classic furniture by handmade : 
  table, chair, armchair, sofa, console table, cabinet,  sideboard, bookcase, writing desk, 
  computer cabinet, tv cabinet, mirror                        

BATH COLLECTION – washbasins, bathtub, bath cabinet & bath accessories

ACCESSORIES – classic collection: Bowls, plates, coffee cups, multi-purpose stools, 
 coffee tables, wine glass, placemats, trays, underplate & brasket etc.

Services and Products

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